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2018 - 2019 Sarasota Ballet School Calendar

August 27: First Semester Classes Begin

September 3: Labor Day No Classes

October 16-20: Parent Observation Week
October 26-28: The Sarasota Ballet Program 1: Iconographic
October 31: Halloween No Classes

November 16-17: The Sarasota Ballet Program 2: Masters of Dance
November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break No Classes

December 14-15: The Sarasota Ballet Program 3: Victoria Winters
December 20: The Sarasota Ballet School's Winter Showcase
December 21-January 6: Winter Break No Classes

January 2019
January 7: Second Semester Classes Begin
January 21: Martin Luther King Day No Classes
January 25-28: The Sarasota Ballet Program 4: Transcending Movement

February 18: Presidents’ Day No Classes
February 15-17: The Sarasota Ballet Program 5: The Sarasota Ballet Presents The Martha Graham Dance Company

March 8-9: The Sarasota Ballet Program 6: Poetry and Liberty
March 11-16: Parent Observation Week
March 18-22: Spring Break No Classes

April 26-27: The Sarasota Ballet Program 7: Giselle

May 18: The Sarasota Ballet School's Spring Showcase
May 24: Last day of classes

For more information: 941.225.6520  [email protected]

Box Office: 941.359.0099
Phone: 941.359.0099
5555 North Tamiami Trail  Sarasota , FL  34243