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Martucci Legacy Society Members
The Sarasota Ballet is proud to recognize the following individuals for their commitment to The Sarasota Ballet’s future:

George Allison, ASID and Alan Watkins, ASID
Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein
Jerry and Gay Bowles
Marty and Barbara Bowling
Kay Delaney and Murray Bring
Donald Britt
Ann Burroughs
Judy Cahn
Lynn Chancer
Jonathan Strickland Coleman and Rick Kerby
Edward N. Cooke
Douglas Endicott
Laura Feder
Frances D. Fergusson
Micki H. Gamer
Alfred and Anne Garrett
Ellen Goldman
Jean Weidner Goldstein
Patricia A. Golemme
Gudrun Graugaard
Gerald and Deborah Hamburg
Julie A. Harris
Elaine C. Herda
Richard S. Johnson in Loving Memory of Marsha Johnson
Deborah Kalb in Loving Memory of Ellen “Mom” Roesch
Richard Kemmler
Pat and Ann Kenny
Ernie Kretzmer
Lydia Landa
Julia Laning
Harry Leopold and Audrey Robbins
Dr. Bart and Joan Levenson
Richard March
Frank and Katherine Martucci
Joan Mathews
Mary Jane McRae
Peter B. Miller and Dr. Martha Harrison
Sandra Miranda
Stu and Gini Peltz
Dr. Richard L. Prager
Rose Marie Proietti
David Welle and Rosemary Reinhardt
Mary Jo Reston
Terry and Susan Romine
Will A. Ryall
Micki Sellman
Marilyn Sellman
Bud and Betty Shapiro
Arthur Siciliano and B. Aline Blanchard
Jan Sirota and Alison Gardner
Hillary Steele
Melliss Kenworthy Swenson
Marcia Jean Taub and Peter Swain in Loving Memory of Ethel and Ron Taub
Kim Wheeler
Richard Wires

Members as of September 13th, 2022

Box Office: 941.359.0099
Phone: 941.359.0099
5555 North Tamiami Trail  Sarasota , FL  34243