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Ryoko Sadoshima


Ryoko Sadoshima
- Fukuoka, Japan

Trained - New Jersey Ballet, School of American Ballet

Previous Company - Pennsylvania Ballet 2

Joined - 2011, promoted to Soloist in 2016

Featured roles include Ashton’s A Wedding Bouquet (The Bride), FaçadeJazz Calendar (Thursday’s Child), Monotones I, The Two Pigeons; Balanchine’s BugakuEmeralds, Serenade, Theme and VariationsWho Cares?; Graziano’s Before Night FallsIn a State of Weightlessness; Hart’s John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker (Clara); Layton's The Grand Tour; MacMillan’s Concerto (1st Movement); Tuckett’s The Secret Garden (Mary);  Tudor's Continuo, The Leaves are Fading; Wheeldon’s The American; Wright’s The Mirror Walkers, Summertide (2nd Movement).

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