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We are now offering in-person classes at the Rosemary studios once again! The safety of our students, families and faculty is of paramount importance. Masks will be required for all classes and we are cleaning all studios daily.

In addition, we have installed special Remo Halo Air Purifiers in order to further protect our students and staff. This unique air purification system works to limit the spread of viral particles. 

We are still offering all classes virtually via Zoom - just $8 per class! Schedule is below. Registration is required - for new students please contact us at: [email protected] | 941-225-6520 


Level 3 - taught by Patricia Strauss
10-11:30am (in-person)
10-11am (virtual)

Level 2 - taught by Sarah Krazit
6-7pm (virtual only)

Level 1/2 - taught by Sarah Krazit
10-11am (virtual)

Level 2 - taught by Lisa Townsend
10-11:30am (in-person)
10-11am (virtual)

Absolute Beginner/Level 1 - taught by Christopher Hird
6-7pm (virtual only)

Level 3 - taught by Christopher Hird or Sarah Krazit
10-11:30am (in-person)
10-11am (virtual)

Level 1 - taught by Lisa Townsend
10-11:30am (in-person)
10-11am (virtual)

Level 3 - taught by Lisa Townsend
10-11:30am (in-person)
10-11am (virtual)


Absolute Beginner

Designed for the dance lover who has never taken ballet before. Students will learn good posture, basic arm and leg positions, correct placement and turnout. Students should attend this class before joining the Level 1 Open Class. A great workout and introduction to the world of ballet for everyone.

Level 1
For those students who have already attended Absolute Beginner or have some previous experience and would like to start ballet again after a break. Class will begin at the barre and students will develop their ballet vocabulary and coordination through simple combinations in the centre, along with the concepts of turning and jumping.

Level 2
A more challenging class for students who have attended Level 1 or have had at least two to three years of prior ballet experience. Barre work includes balances in all positions, turning, and incorporating port de bras. Centre work includes the use of the body directions in combinations, with the beginnings of grand allegro (large traveling jumps).

Level 3
The highest level of ballet offered at The Sarasota Ballet School. Barre and centre combinations are more complex, combining more elements and incorporating different musical accents and rhythm. The class will cover all centre work from tendu through to grand allegro and is taught at a faster pace with more combinations of steps. Students must take this class to be eligible for the adult pointe class.

Pointe (not offered virtually due to safety)
Students who are able to complete an Level 3 class or who have previous experience are eligible for pointe work. Pointe work is mainly at the barre, with combinations using both one and two feet. Students are advised to talk to teachers first to see if they are ready for pointe work.


$15 drop-in rate per class (check, no credit cards for single classes - cash is not being accepted at this time due to safety)
$12 for professional dancers

Class Cards are available (check or credit card accepted):
$100 for 8 classes
$175 for 16 classes

Virtual Pricing: $8 per class or 1/2 a regular class using a class card


941.225.6520 | [email protected] 

Box Office: 941.359.0099
Phone: 941.359.0099
5555 North Tamiami Trail  Sarasota , FL  34243