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Backstage Tours offer groups of 15 individuals the opportunity to observe and explore behind-the-scenes operations at The Sarasota Ballet.

The walking tour includes an overview of the history of The Sarasota Ballet, a visit to the theatre, a view of the education, wardrobe, and administrative offices, the chance to meet staff, and to see dancers in Company class.

The tours are coordinated and hosted by volunteers with the Friends of The Sarasota Ballet.


Group Size:
15 (maximum) individuals per tour slot with accompanying guides.
Backstage tours are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Booking Details:
To book your Backstage Tour, contact Carolou Marquet, Volunteer Backstage Tour Coordinator, at 941.228.9899 or email at [email protected]

We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes, as going through stairs is a part of the tour.