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Wheeldon & Ashton closes our 25th Anniversary Season on 29 - 30 April 2016 at the Sarasota Opera House. Tony Award winning choreographer Wheeldon created The American to Dvořák’s string quartet, and the tranquility and open sky of America’s Great Plains inspired composer and choreographer alike. Ashton’s A Wedding Bouquet, with text by Gertrude Stein and music by Gerald Tyrwhitt/Lord Berners, is a bittersweet vignette of a turn-of-the-century provincial wedding in France where, comically, everything seems to go wrong. And set to Sir Rodney Bennett’s rousing jazz score, Ashton’s Jazz Calendar is 60’s era interpretation of the nursery rhyme “Monday’s Child.”

Presented with live music by the Sarasota Orchestra

Seating Chart

Watch Danielle Brown and Ricardo Rhodes in The American:

Image of The Sarasota Ballet in The American

Watch Ellen Overstreet in Jazz Calendar:

Image of The Sarasota Ballet in Jazz Calendar

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