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Nina Reis


Joined The Sarasota Ballet in 2023 as an Apprentice.

Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Training: Dutch National Ballet Academy and Koltun Ballet Boston

Favorite quote:Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” ~Frida Kahlo

Favorite role: Forsythe’s Artifact Suite was a favorite to perform. Within the ballet there is a lot of variety: where one section is powerful, sharp, and syncopated, the next is energetic in a fluid and hypnotic way. This was one aspect of the piece that made it so absorbing to work on in the studio, and so exhilarating to perform on stage.

Favorite costume: One of my favorite costumes was for Remi Wörtmeyer’s New Beginning.  It was a short white skirt with blue detailing and a bright yellow mesh top over a white leotard. The concept was quite simple but the combination of colors and fabrics made it unique. It also felt freeing to dance in, which is always a bonus.

Fun fact: I can speak, read, and write some Chinese. I studied it throughout middle and high school, and enjoyed learning not only the language but about Chinese history, culture, and traditions.