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A planned gift is a way to perpetuate and leave a part of yourself that will continue on within the organization.

Frank Martucci

Leave a Legacy that inspires. When you include The Sarasota Ballet in your estate plan, your generosity ensures a lasting impact on our organization, supporting performance, education, and community engagement initiatives for generations to come.

About The Martucci Legacy Society

Patrons who make provisions for the Ballet through their estate plans receive membership in the Martucci Legacy Society and are celebrated and recognized throughout the Season. For information about bequests, charitable gift annuities, and other gift options, please contact Lauren Stroman, Development Director at 941.225.6510 or [email protected].



Meet Legacy Society Founders Frank and Katherine Martucci

Frank and Katherine Martucci have been active with The Sarasota Ballet since 2014. Frank currently serves on the Board of Trustees. Frank and Katherine have made significant contributions to arts and culture and social service organizations here in Sarasota.

Join The Martucci Legacy Society

Discover the option that works best for your goals:

Planned gifts provide creative and flexible ways for you to support one of Sarasota’s leading arts and culture organizations while receiving a lifetime income or tax benefit for your estate.

From requests to IRA distributions, you can shape your planned gift to The Sarasota Ballet in many different ways. Your gift may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after all other provisions are specified.



As you plan for your estate’s future, consider naming The Sarasota Ballet in your living trust or including a bequest in your will. You can name either a specific amount or a percentage.


When choosing a beneficiary for your Life Insurance Policy, consider naming The Sarasota Ballet. This option is especially convenient for our donors with paid-up policies that are no longer needed for family protection.


Qualified retirement plans can be left to The Sarasota Ballet. These assets are under less severe taxation when distributed to a charity rather than to an individual. Most IRAs, 403B’s, and 401k’s are accepted. You can also use your IRA during your lifetime to make donations.


This is an ideal option to support The Sarasota Ballet while providing a fixed and guaranteed income for you or a loved one over 65 years of age. The rate of income increases based on the beneficiary’s age at the time of gift designation.


Best for donations of $250,000 or more, this is an independently managed gift that provides you with maximum flexibility. You create the terms of the trust in a way that best benefits you or another income beneficiary, The Sarasota Ballet, and any other charities you wish to support. Real Estate can also be committed in this way.


A charitable lead trust is an irrevocable trust designed to provide financial support to one or more charities for a period of time, with the remaining assets eventually going to family members or other beneficiaries. Charitable lead trusts are often considered to be the inverse of a charitable remainder trust.


Real estate can either be donated as a retained gift or as a standard gift.

Retained real estate allows you to receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction while retaining the right to use the property during your lifetime, whether it’s your primary home, vacation home, or some other use.

Standard gifts of real estate can be made during your lifetime or in your will or living trust; in this case, you donate the property outright and receive the charitable income tax deduction at the time of donation.

contact us

Lauren Stroman

Development Director

Phone: 941.225.6510

Email: [email protected]

This information is provided for general information and options. The Sarasota Ballet does not provide legal, financial, or tax advice. We encourage you to consult a professional advisor when considering charitable gift-planning options.