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Ricki Bertoni

Character Principal

Ricki Bertoni
- England

Trained - Royal Ballet School

Previous Companies - English National Ballet (2000-2001), K-Ballet (2002-2007)

Favorite Quotes - "Don't act crazy, be crazy." - M. Barbieri
"It's better to create something that others criticize, than create nothing and criticize others." - Ricky Gervais

Favorite Ballet - Petrushka; This ballet is a collective work so unique in all senses, in fact, there’s nothing the ballet doesn’t have. The complexities and multiple layers within every aspect of the ballet from the intensely powerful and complex Stravinsky score to the unique choreography and magical set, a historic masterpiece in every right. The ballet left me with unique memories and emotions I’ve yet to revisit, which for me just adds to the mystery and awe of Petrushka.

Favorite Costume - Widow Simone: I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite costume per se, but dressing up in drag was the most memorable. Getting to emulate all the women I admire was a bizarre but a beautiful experience.

Fun fact - I restore vintage timepieces in my spare time. Watches are a lot like ballet - you have to be very precise or it just won’t work.

Lead and featured roles include Ashton’s The Dream, Enigma Variations, Façade, La Fille mal gardée, Jazz Calendar, A Wedding Bouquet; Balanchine’s Bugaku, Diamonds, Rubies, Prodigal Son, Western Symphony, Who Cares?; Bintley’s A Comedy of Errors, ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Café; Bruce’s Sergeant Early’s Dream; de Mille’s Rodeo; de Valois’ Checkmate, The Rake’s Progress; Flindt’s The Lesson; Fokine’s Petrushka; Graham’s Appalachian Spring; Graziano’s Before Night Falls, Symphony of Sorrows; Layton’s The Grand Tour; MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations; North’s Troy Game; Robbins’ The Concert; Taylor’s Brandenburgs, Company B; Tharp’s In The Upper Room, Nine Sinatra Songs; Tuckett’s Changing Light, The Secret Garden; Walsh’s I Napoletani; Wheeldon’s The American; Wright’s Giselle.

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